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Products    - Mixing units

A mixing unit is the device intended for conducting technological processes during which it is required to mix, heat and cool the product.

The mixing unit is constructed in the form of a tank of the shape of a vertical cylinder.

The top of the mixer comprises two lids, while the bottom a flat bed, bent in the direction of the outlet. The mixing unit is situated on four legs finished with threaded stainless steel ends which are used for adjusting the height of the mixing unit.

Due to their structure, the stirrers can be divided into:

The basic element of the mixing unit is the stirrer with the motor-reducer assembly. Depending on Customer's needs, the accessories of the mixing unit may also include:

  • insulation
  • level indicator
  • connecting pipes
  • instrumentation
  • side and upper manholes
  • service ladders

Mixing units are fully made of acid resistant sheet.

We produce mixing units of the maximum capacity of 50,000.

Mixing units
Single-jacket (uninsulated) mixing unitsprocess-technological - intended for conducting the processing of raw materials in the foodstuffs, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Double-jacket (insulated stirrers)
Three-jacket stirrers (insulated with a heating or cooling jacket)