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Double-jacket mixing unit

Double-jacket mixing unit is made in the form of a vertical cylinder. The structure of the mixing unit is situated on four legs.
The basic components of a single-jacket stirrer are:

  • internal tank (internal jacket)
  • insulating jacket
  • stirrer drive assembly.

Internal tank is made of acid resistant sheet, has the shape of a vertical cylinder closed by a lid from the top and with a bed from the bottom. The upper lid may comprise:

  • conical tank end
  • one semi-lid
  • two semi-lids
  • lid with a manhole

The bottom of the mixing unit may comprise:

  • flat tank end, bent in the direction of the outlet
  • conical tank end

The insulating jacket comprises the mineral wool or PE foam insulation. From the outside the insulation is covered with an external jacket made of acid resistant sheet.

The driving unit consists of the motor-reducer assembly, inverter and a stirrer. Depending on the type of the medium and Customer's needs, impeller or frame stirrers are used. Thank to the use of the inverter, the smooth operation of the stirrer's rotations can be achieved.

All elements of the mixing unit are made of stainless steel.

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