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Products    - Washer

Washer is a pressure device for washing transport boxes. It can function on its own or as an element of a production line. The device is constructed in the form of a single-jacket tunnel-shaped tank. In its basic version, the inside of the washer is divided into two sections separated with a wall:

  • washing section,
  • rinsing section

In the extended version, the washer may be additionally equipped with a drying section. The washer has eight adjustable legs which enable the levelling of the device.
The device is made of stainless acid resistant sheets.

The inside of the washer is occupied by a chain (depending on the washer version: one or several chains), collecting and transporting boxes intended for washing. Washing is carried out thanks to nozzles which shape the stream of the washing liquid in a special way. Mechanical contamination is removed from the washing and rinsing liquids through mesh filters. The washing liquid is heated with the steam heater, installed inside the washer, or with electric heaters.

The operation of the washer is limited to feeding the boxes onto the chain moving into the tunnel which transports them along the sprayer. The speed of chain movement is adjustable. Having passed through the washing sprayer, boxes are transported to the rinsing sprayer. Washed in such a way, they move out of the tunnel where they are to be removed from the transporting chain. Controlling the operation of the device is conducted from the control cabinet placed on the side wall of the washer.

Technical specification
Length [mm]approx. 5000
Width [mm]approx. 1200
Height [mm]approx. 1300
Weight [kg]approx. 1600
(Smallest) speed of washing [szt./min.]approx. 4